F u n e r a l s  i n  F a m i l i a r  P l a c e s.
S e r v i c e s  o f  D i s t i n c t i o n.    L o c a t i o n s  o f  Y o u r  C r e a t i o n.
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Everyone is different
And so are we.  

At Church & Community, we believe our people make the difference.

We’re different because we recognize the value of using a facility that holds personal meaning.

We’re different because we believe each service should be unique and designed around personal preferences, religious customs and family traditions.

We’re different because we provide you with many options that focus on what you do need without making you pay for those things you don’t.

We’re different because you can rely on us to be sensitive to your needs and to help ease some of the stress of making decisions under such strong emotions.

To contact us:
812.332.9800 phone
info@churchandcommunity.net email